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One of kind experience because we ourselves adore the taste of real Italian pizza that comes out of our magnificent wood burning stove.

Pastas, salads, cakes are prepared with the best quality ingredients, and to each dish we add special spice - good atmosphere.

We welcome you in a pleasant environment, in the street Hilandarska 32, with carefully selected music and with a good espresso you can visit the world of the internet for free.

If you don’t have time to visit us, one call is all that you need and we will come to you! 0800/300-700 (toll-free call ) and we bring Pomodoro to your address.

Going to Pomodoro for me is to follow the moto from famous Goodfather movie: Leave the gun, take the cannoli, aka forget worries and enjoy! Cannoli at Pomodoro are the best in town.

Ljubica Gojgić

I like to eat in Pomodoro for two reasons. First, because it is the best food. Second, because they are the best people.

Stefan Milenković

Pomodoro, for me the only place in town where you can feel cozy warm and to eat nicest food at the same time and all of that thanks to pizza wood burning stove!

Zvonimir Đukić Đule

Pomodoro has all characteristics of the high quality restaurant, but also simplified as is always the case with the best places, overall: it feels like home.

Ivan Ivačković

When I feel all down and blue Pomodoro cannoli are my sweetest cure!

Davor Gobac

It is a rare to find place in Belgrade that reflect one unique atmosphere and at the same time maintain the irresistible charm of Belgrade, which makes him special as it is. Pomodoro is one of these places: world class interior, cosmopolitan spirit, very specific touch of rock and roll while you look at the walls filled with photos of R’n’R artist who are also friends of the restaurant, and ultimately, the menu! On the other side distinctive by our domestic hospitality and intimacy, and the impression that you belong there and that you know all around even if you are there for the first time. And yes… I almost forgot…. I love this place most because I found there the best variant of "Quattro Formaggi" in any form! Pizza, pasta!
Oh well, just give me everything!!!

Aca Seltik

I feel great in Pomodoro. Every time I enjoy a delicious and varied collection of Italian pizza, pasta… The menu also includes salads, and my favorite is Cornelia (I'm from Nis and without peppers I just can’t imagine a sigle meal), and also broccoli and pumpkin pottage, mmm…Placed in the center of the city, with unique charm and splendid atmosphere, with always smiling staff and great service, Pomodoro is my dearest restaurant in Belgrade.

Bilja Krstić

When I was a small boy from the hood I had to eat what I should, now I eat just for my pleasure so pizzeria Pomodoro is what I treasure!

Inspektor Blaža

So, experience Pomodoro.